Why I left a D-Level Job

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Founded in 2001, my company, Red Dream Studios, has been fortunate enough to have worked with over 200 entrepreneurs and businesses. I’ve personally received over 40 kudos and shout-outs on LinkedIn. Some of the relationships I have built have lasted longer than most marriages, and every one of our clients has been a valued partner and friend.

In 2007, I had decided to take what was a side venture and take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship — and began operating Red Dream Studios 24/7 (as any entrepreneur will tell you, you leave, breathe, and eat your company). The company because a profitable success, achieving near 20% growth during its first 4 years, and between 5%-10% thereafter. There were peaks and valleys, of course. In 2014, I hit what seemed like the Grand Canyon of valleys, and I began to get a little nervous. As a sole proprietor, nothing hurts more than feeling like your company is failing and having no one around you to help figure out why.

So I decided to explore if taking a hiatus was the answer — to help refocus and reinvigorate my career. Fortunately, there was an opportunity to return to the company that helped me become a seasoned Software Product Manager, X2O Media. Having had gained over 7 years of experience running Red Dream Studios full time, I was hired as the Director of Product Marketing.

The knowledge I gained over the past 2+ years in this D-Level position was invaluable, particularly in the fields of content marketing, both online and off, and in many other areas of digital marketing. Having corporate benefits, group insurance, and a consistent source of income are life perks that are comforting and cannot be understated.

Entrepreneurs will tell you there’s a certain appeal to being the head of your own show. Working with clients and helping pull off their projects (often at the last minute) provides a certain adrenaline rush that cannot be understated either.

What I’ve learned during my hiatus can be summed up with one word — passion. As Yo-Yo Ma put it, « Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks. » So despite the relative security of a 9-5 job, I’ve discovered that operating Red Dream Studios is like not having a job at all. I’m passionate about it.

So yes, I’m back. Do you see yourself making the same decision I did?