Introducing Logojoy: A new partnership for Red Dream Studios

 Dans Affaires, Image de marque

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched a new partnership with Logojoy, an amazingly cool new design company that is spearheading the concept of « artificial design intelligence. » Founded in November 2016, and growing rapidly, this Toronto-based company has already been featured in TechCrunchLifehackerCreative Review, and more.

For those who are on limited budgets or just starting out, the ability to create your own logo on a shoestring is very attractive. To use the Logojoy service, just log into their platform, answer a few questions, select example logos as inspiration and their advanced AI will automatically generate logos based on your taste. You can then refine your preferences until you get the perfect logo.

“The magic of Logojoy is the groundbreaking algorithm, user-friendly interface, and premium design ingredients. Logojoy has almost 1000 design rules built into its algorithm. For example, one of our many rules is ‘Thin fonts need to be a darker colour or they’ll be difficult to read.’ We also have ten times more premium font and graphic selections than our competitors,” said founder Dawson Whitfield.

Logojoy packages range from $20 to $165 USD, making the design experience affordable as well as personalized.

There will be many times where an « artificial » design process just doesn’t fulfill all the nuances needed for a particular creative situation. That’s where a human and dedicated customer service comes in.

The branding services offered by Red Dream Studios typically start around $250 CDN for an identity package. Whereas Logojoy can get you started, Red Dream Studios is working with Logojoy to take you to the next level — offering additional graphic design services such as business cards and stationary, but will also work with you to incorporate your designs into a brand new website.

So check them out, and then check us out! Leave a comment below to let us know what your experience has been like.