Did you know you can lease a website?

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Traditionally, when people think about leasing they think about leasing tangible products like cars, computer hardware and office equipment. One of the biggest challenges both small and medium businesses have, when it comes to getting a custom website developed is the affordability factor.

Producing a professional website when including all the parts necessary for a successful online presence can be expensive. (Another hurdle many face is finding a trustworthy web partner to work with). As such, many entrepreneurs will resort to the do-it-yourself model, such as using a service like wix.com, to build their online presence without giving much thought for how the site is supposed to consistently deliver the brand’s message, generate leads or process transactions online in a secure and efficient manner, and will skimp on the important things that are critical to driving business to a website such as email marketing systems and website optimization.

A bad website in both design and customer experience (ie: too many clicks, not the right information, broken links) can actually deter business instead of creating opportunities.

So what’s a business to do when they obviously need to be able to compete effectively in the digital age without exhausting much needed working capital? The answer may be to lease your website.

Why Lease?

Leasing a website is very similar to paying a monthly subscription fee. Instead of paying a lump sum for your website up front or incurring setup fees, you pay a much lower monthly fee for a set period of time. Many companies, such as Red Dream Studios, offers website leases for 1, 2 & 3 year terms with the longer the lease term the lower the upfront costs.

The advantages here work both ways. The client spends much less up front to build and develop their website, while the company providing this service can establish a long-term and trustworthy relationship with the client. Often, maintenance of the website once it’s built can also be included as part of the lease, so the client will know that anytime changes need to be made, they have an easy path to getting this done. (The good web companies will likely respond and carry out such requests within 24 hours of getting pinged).

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